The 4 Main Benefits Of Using Splashbacks In Your Kitchen

What is a kitchen splashback?

Splashbacks are usually large panels made of either stainless steel or glass that are used in a kitchen to protect the walls from food and liquid splashes. The panels are commonly installed behind ovens, sinks, and cooking platforms. Although a splashback is commonly used for its protective functions, it’s also sometimes utilized for decorative reasons. This is why they are available in various sizes, colors, and designs.

The majority of the panels available today in the market are made of either glass or stainless steel although there are some that are made of ceramic.

The Main Benefits of Using Splashbacks

1. They make it a lot easier to clean your kitchen.

hgshgssa6sahg33If you have any experience working in a kitchen, then you are aware of the fact that oily grime can easily accumulate on the walls. If these aren’t removed immediately, they can harden thus becoming a lot more difficult to remove. What’s great about a splashback is that it’s made of either glass or stainless steel, two materials that are water-proof. Oil and grime can stick on their services, but these would be very easy to remove with a wet dish towel.

2. They are resistant to stains.

Unlike tiles wherein there are spaces where grime can accumulate, a splashback comes in huge panels that can be wiped clean with ease. They are often treated with a shiny finish that prevents oil and water from seeping through. This means you don’t have to worry about molds or spores growing on your kitchen walls.

3. Serves as decoration

Aside from serving as protection against the accumulation of grime, the panels can be used for decorative purposes. As was mentioned earlier, the panels come in all sizes and colors. You can use these colors to enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen. If you want a wider range of colors, you should go with the glass panels. You will have more color options to choose from.

4. Easy installation

The panels are not that hard to install. In most cases, you don’t need a carpenter to get the job done. The panels come with an instruction manual which will show you exactly how to install the panels.

Final Thoughts

kjdkjsd8sdj44The bottom line here is that it’s a great idea to install splashbacks in your kitchen walls. The benefits of using the panels that are discussed above compose just the tip of the iceberg. There are other benefits like better kitchen hygiene and cost-effectiveness.

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