The Statman Harris & Eyrich Law Office

Statman Harris and Eyrich law office is one of the well know firms that offer legal services. You are guaranteed of working with professionals in the field. Statman Harris & Eyrich are respected names when it comes to the legal industry. There is a range of services that you get including bankruptcy, commercial litigation, and business planning.

Services offered


Bankruptcy is one of the services that this experienced law firm offers to its clients. Youjjhhjhjhjhjwqa will get advice related to bankruptcy issues. The best part is that you get the help of experienced professionals. The company is successful in representing both individuals and businesses in bankruptcy cases.

There are different bankruptcy chapters which are chapter13, chapter 12 and chapter 7. The hearings for these cases involve meeting with the bankruptcy judge, trustees and creditors. Bankruptcy issues involve handling matters that are related to finances. Therefore, you should ensure that you hire an experienced lawyer to handle the case. That is why Statman Harris and Erich come in to help you out.

Business planning

Statman Harris and Eyrich offer a broad range of services to national corporations, large and small companies. It also provides advice on financial matters, law compliance contracts, and even startups. Additionally, the law firm provides service to spin-offs as well as mergers.

Statman Harris and Eyrich have enabled individuals and businesses to get finance for their day to day operations. Business planning is an important aspect for every organization that wants to succeed. Business planning has a number of advantages and disadvantages. However, business planning is necessary, and business should consider all the drawbacks and benefits of business planning.


Collecting debt is a huge challenge for many companies. However, you can make this easy by getting the services of experienced lawyers from Statman Harris & Eyrich Company. You do not have to go for debt collectors that are abusive, unfair and deceptive.

Statman Harris & Eyrich will ensure that the debt collection process is handled according to the set down rules. The firm ensures that the situation is resolved in a way that is mutually acceptable. Do not hesitate to contact Statman Harris and Eyrich to address the debt collection issues.

Commercial litigation

jkklllmmnbbStatman Harris & Eyrich is successful in handling court cases involving commercial disputes. The commercial law requires handling bankruptcy issues, contract disputes, and even insurance coverage.

The process involves filing a lawsuit for the dispute. When you hire Statman Harris and Eyrich, you do not have to worry about anything at all. You will be represented in any commercial law branch. You are in the right hands when it comes to commercial litigation issues.