The Stamped Concrete Explained

Architecture has evolved over the years to come up with new ideas for flooring. The floor is treasured by designers who add some decorations to it for beauty’s sake. For obvious reasons contractors and designers sometimes term such designs as expensive. Sometimes people prefer beauty at the expense of costs. The simplest way that caters for beauty, as well as cost, is stamped concrete. For about five decades stamped concrete has been preferred by contractors and designers as cheap and have many benefits.


What Is Stamped Concrete

It refers to the process of adding color and texture to concrete to make it resemble slate, klmbvxzstone or brick cobblestone, and many other products. Other products that can be sued include shell wood and fossils. Stamped concrete is considered a natural choice for construction and renovation projects due to the vast possibilities that it presents. It is also considered since it has excellent durability and it’s cheaper than natural products.

Installation Of Stamped Concrete

The installation consists of pressing molds into concrete when it’s still wet. An integral color, liquid or powder is used to achieve color changes. In addition to the overall color, the release is broadcasted before the concrete is stamped into molds. Stamping provides the colors to have different shades and allow the concrete not to stick to the surface. This limits the chance of leaving undesirable scratch marks on the surface of the concrete.

After the initial process, a pressure wash is still done to release the stamped concrete surface. A professional install entails that the expansion joints are saw cut with a diamond blade saw. Cutting prevents the concrete from cracking. The final stage of installation involves the application of double coats of decorative sealer. The sealer is mixed with gator grip which is shark skin grinned into small particles. Gator grip is sold by professional worldwide. It is adequate for providing a non-slip resistance to the surface of stamped concrete. In pool decks, a double dosage is ideal to provide non-slip resistance. Stamped concrete is perfect for pools, patios, driveways and walks away.

Different designs

kjmbvxzqwfdStamped concrete has been used for decades in outdoor beautifying. It has many designs and pictures added ton fit the client’s needs. There are millions of designs patterns and decorative colors in stamped concrete. Many architectures and designers provide it for both home décor and commercial decor. The amazing thing about stamped concrete is that it is simple to install. There is even a DIY stamped concrete tutorial which is easy to follow.

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