Purchasing A Handgun

Requirements for Purchasing a Handgun in Texas

Requirements for Purchasing a Handgun in Texas (2)

There exist rules which guide the purchase of handguns in Texas. There are a lot of misconceptions regarding what is required to purchase a firearm in Texas. Common misconception is that Texans are tough cowboys and cowgirls who live on ranches and ride horses to work and challenge each other to gunfights in the streets.

On the contrary, Texas is governed by sensible gun laws that prevent some group of people to purchase a firearm. Let’s put some facts clear, Texans are not necessarily cowboys or cowgirls. This state is known for its high level of economic diversity, healthcare, technology and manufacturing industries. It is also home to some of the best universities and institutions in America.

Requirements for Purchasing a Handgun in Texas (1)Texas Gun Laws

There is no certain period to buy a gun as well as state firearms registry in Texas, be it a handgun or a long arm. Before purchasing a firearm, you must present a valid, state-issued ID. In most cases, you will be required to purchase from a business or individual with a federal firearms license, commonly known as FFL. The following are the items you will need before buying a handgun from an FFL holder;

· A valid Texas Driver’s License

· 21 years of age and above

· Qualification to Possess a Firearm

The following are some of the factors that make an individual ineligible to possess a firearm:

A.   Felony convictions

B.   Alcohol and chemical dependency

C.   Certain types of psychological diagnoses

D.   Default on taxes or other governmental fees

Requirements for Purchasing a Handgun in Texas (3)Once you’ve picked your preferred handgun, you will be asked to fill out Form 4473. At this stage, you will present your valid Texas driver’s license so that your personal information can be recorded onto the form by the salesman.

The salesman will then make a brief phone call for the NICS check to be directed on the next step, which is either proceed, delayed or denied. Your purchasing process may be delayed due to various factors such as similar descriptions and similar names to an individual not eligible. You may also be denied to purchase the firearm due to certain factors such as ex-felons and unsound mind.

Once your gun application has been approved, you must complete firing range and classroom course in handgun proficiency before handed a permit. Once successful completion of this course, you will be handed a safety and marksmanship certificate.

You are allowed to carry a loaded firearm within your vehicle. You may also carry a loaded, accessible handgun provided it is concealed from view and you have a handgun license. It is also legal for persons to handle gun transfers so long as three conditions are fulfilled:

§ The recipient must be 18 years of age and above

§ Must not be intoxicated

§ Must not intend to commit crime with the firearm.