Chances of Getting Pregnant from Pre-cum

One of the primary concern for couples who are using the withdrawal method to prevent pregnancy is whether pre-cum can result in pregnancy. Pre-cum also known as Pre-ejaculate fluid is a liquid commonly secreted by the male to make a path through which the sperms will travel during ejaculation. This fluid is very much noticeable at the tip of the penis few seconds after the penis is erect, although this might not be the case for some men. One of the concerns raised by individuals is the chances of getting pregnant from pre-cum. Pre-cum doesn’t contain any sperms, which means that the fluid by itself cannot get you pregnant, but that is not to say that there are no chances of getting pregnant from pre-cum.

General information

Chances of Getting Pregnant from Pre-cum

nbnbnbnbbnbnAlthough pre-cum does not contain sperms that can get you pregnant, the fluid is meant to promote fertilization, and it flows through the same opening as the sperms. So there are chances that the leftovers sperms picked on the men urethra will travel with pre-cum which can cause pregnancy. In a study conducted recently, a group of 27 men was invited to the survey to determine the characteristics of their semen quality. The result of the study showed that 41 percent of these men had their sperms present in this fluid. Even though the sperms count present was seen to be low, there were indications that they can get one pregnant, although chances were termed to be very low.

When are chances of getting pregnant high?

Although several researchers have indicated that pre-cum generally contains less or no sperms, there are times when high sperm count can be present in the fluid. If for instance, your partner has ejaculated previously, the sperm count can be high enough to cause pregnancy especially if the man has not observed certain hygiene rules after coitus or if the man fails to urinate before having sex again. In such a case, the chances of getting pregnant will be much higher during second or subsequent sexual intercourse.

Sperms count

kjkjjkjkjjkIt is impossible to know the sperms count present in a man’s pre-cum, making it hard to determine whether the pre-cum can result in pregnancy. But as noted previously, the pre-cum will not get you pregnant, but trusting in the withdraw method may lead to unwanted pregnancy since a man may not be able to pull out in time preventing actual ejaculation. If you are concerned about the risks involved, why not consider practicing safe sex. It is always better to be safe than be sorry, so use a condom or other birth control methods to ensure total avoidance of pregnancy.

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